PAC & CMC knowledge Product Features

Food Grade

In food field, the CMC is widely used as a thickener and stabilizer, dispersant, incremental agent, such as in processing jam, juice, fruit syrup and chili sauce as a viscous agent and incremental agent; for Snack foods it will enable the organization uniform, detailed and beautiful appearance; when used in the manufacture of ice cream to prevent the growth of ice crystals; CMC as a thickener in mayonnaise or condiment,also as a stabilizer in jelly, cake and food baking, etc.; In addition, CMC can formed a thin film which be used to surface treatment of vegetables, fruits, eggs and tea to make it maintain the original color and flavor for a long time; As to liquid dairy products and fruit juice beverage, CMC mainly as a thickener and stabilizer.

Our company uses advanced production equipment and techniques, the products of food grade CMC has a good performance of high AVR, acid-resistant characteristics, the milk products produced by our CMC have good stable, low precipitation after high-speed centrifuge, can preserve for a long time under high temperature conditions. CMC was used in drink can make the fruit juice in a good suspension, improve the taste and texture, shelter the bitter taste of man-made sweet food. In the yogurt, CMC can react with protein in the range of Isometric Point of pH, formed the soluble and storage stability complex. CMC has good dispersion in the frozen dessert, and be able to control the formation of ice crystals, to maintain the same uniform, to give a good taste. In bakery, the CMC will improve the uniformity of the dough and the distribution of products to maintain products long-term soft, not loss water in long time, extend the storage time.

In order to better control the quality of the food grade CMC, in addition to the rigorous physical and chemical specification detection of the product, our company opened a series of experimental application of simulation milk production process:


High-pressure homogenizer for test solution Preparation

The 722-absorbance Spectrophotometer for solution testing

High-speed centrifuge for sedimentation volume testing

Biochemical incubator for observe stability of the test solution