CMC displays many excellent performance in paper-making technology. it is higher valued by the majority of paper engineers and is widely used in the production of paper and paperboard, such as paper and paperboard coating process, coating rheology modifier, water - retention agent, film-forming agent, auxiliary adhesives, wet end retention enhancers and surface sizing agents, grinding aids, filler modifier and the flocculating agent which used in waste water treatment etc. We have different paper making grades of CMC to meet the different customers’ requirements.

Our CMC paper grade has excellent adhesion, thickening, emulsification, suspension, flocculation, film, colloids protection, retain moisture, chemical stability and excellent performance of pulp fiber affinity. A carboxymethyl group of the hydrophilicity introduced in its molecular structure makes the cellulose swelling greatly improve, so that it is easy to be affinity with pulp fibers and filler particles, and enhance the paper’s toughness and strength; It also can promote pulp and filler with negative electron and repel each other, make the fiber and filler are well distributed in the pulp to improve paper uniformity; it can be applied in the surface sizing agent to improve the paper strength and smoothness; disperse the pigment, and improve the printing effect; it can increase water retention effect by controlling and regulating the paint rheology; it shows more excellent whitening effect and paper hue improvement effect than starch and polyethylene glycol as a fluorescent whitening agent carrier. It is a versatile paper additives.

1. Application in coated preparation
CMC can be added in paint. Due to the calcium carbonate and kaoline absorb CMC, the adhesion of the paint colloid will be changed and it will influence the flocculation degree and rheology of pigment / adhesive particles, and then it makes the paint containing CMC increase its water retention and control the paint rheology. CMC which is applied in paint will shows the effect as follows:
*Control and adjust the rheological property of paint and the dispersibility of the pigment, and increase the solid content of paint.
*Strengthen the paint water retention , improve the paint rheology and enhance the coating quality .
*Excellent adhesion, can be used as an auxiliary adhesive, and reduce the total amount of adhesive.
* Good lubrication, protect blade from being less worn and torn, and improve the coating efficiency.
* "pseudoplastic" property, particularly for high solid content paint and high-speed coating.
* Good film, making the coating more smooth and glossy and preventing "orange peel".
*Improve the retention rate of the brightener in paint, increase the whiteness of the paper and improve paper hue.

2. Used as a wet-end additive
After CMC is into wet-end pulp suspension, it takes chemical hydration effect with oxhydryl in fiber through ethyloic, and strengthen the bonding force between fibers, meanwhile, enhance the Its effect will be directly reflected on the increase of the paper physical strength index. CMC which is applied in wet-end will shows the effect as follows:
* Enhance cohesion between the fibers, and improve the paper strength.
* The pulp sizing function, and the paper with a certain degree of sizing.
*Excellent dispersibility helps the shaping of paper and improves the paper evenness.
* Internal sizing protector, and promote sizing agents to be distributed evenly on fiber surface;
* Delay AKD hydrolysis rate and reduce the possibility of hydrolysis garbage pollution system;
* Excellent fine fiber and filler affinity, and improve the one way retention of paper machine and aids retention rate.
*Enhance the filler and the fiber fines retention and reduce the white water concentration.

3. Application in defibrination optimization
CMC is added in the process of vegetable fiber being refined, it can enhance the lubrication property between fibers, protect the fiber from over cutting during beating process, boost fiber swell up, make the outer layer of secondary wall open easier, good fibrillation, easy beating, reduce the refining energy and save the cost. CMC which is applied in defibrination optimization will show the effect as follows:
*Swell up the fiber, promote the fibrillation, and enhance the beating degree;
*Form the internal fibrillation, and increase the water retention value of the size;
*enhance the lubrication property, protect the fiber from over cutting and increase the fiber length;
*Make the exposure of oxhydryl and ethyloic, and enhance the electric charges on fiber surface;
*By the same requirement of beating degree, refining energy will be greatly reduced.

4. Application in surface sizing
CMC is used as surface sizing agent. It is with excellent film form and entire film transferability and it also can form a good closure and oil-resistance on paper and paperboard surface. Furthermore, CMC is a dispersant which makes the entire sizing material or coating material enter into the stable and uniform system, and so that it will show the good sizing effect. CMC which is applied in surface sizing will shows the effect as follows:
* Good rheology, film from and the entire film transferability;
* Increase the napping speed of paper, and overcome the paper surface fluffing and picking
* Improve the surface strength, aeration and curling control.
* Improve the paper surface feeling and the printability.
*It can form a good closure and oil-resistant on paper or cardboard surface.

5. Others
*The filler modification applied in organic clad material will strengthen the bonding force between filler and fiber, and improve the retention rate and the paper optical property.
*The flocculating agent applied in making-paper and waste water treatment will reduce the mud, promote the flocculating settling, and high removal rate of turbidity and COD.
*Strengthening agent and surface sizing agent applied in special paper will guarantee the paper’s physical index and reduce the production cost.
*The strengthening agent applied in toilet paper and paper towel will improve the evenness of paper with the high beating degree.
*The improving agent applied in evenness of filter rod paper will enhance the tensile strength and paper cutting jointless rate.
*Improve the bulkiness and relative absorptivity of substrate of low quantitative tobacco slice and enhance the strength.

Application Fields
Super Low Viscosity
(4% Brookfield Viscosity≤500mPaS
1. Worked as water retention agent, dispersing agent, binder, film-forming agent and OBA carrier in the paper-making and coating fields;
2. Used in wet end and defibrination, playing the role of strength, retention aid, evenness improvement, water concentration reduce, and enhance the beating degree, increase the fiber length, and reduce the refining energy.
3. Used in kinds of special paper and other paper-making technology additive and strength agent. Improve evenness and enhance printability.
4. Used as filler coating agent, and it will strengthen, retain and improve the optical property
5. Used as flocculating agent, and remove turbidity and COD, speed up dehydration and white clay modifying.
Low Viscosity
(2% Brookfield Viscosity≤1000 mPaS)
Medium Viscosity
(2% Brookfield Viscosity≥1000 mPaS)
1. Used in surface sizing, enhance the surface strength, improve surface feeling, and resistance to curling, water and oil.
2. Used in kinds of special paper and other paper-making technology additive and strength agent. Improve evenness and enhance printability.